Staycation at PokemonLand!

Summer all year round yo! I finally got to utilize the complimentary night stay at the hotel that’s surrounded with pokestops, lures and massive crowds of Pokemon Go addicts. This is my 3rd time at Village Hotel Changi and it’s starting to feel like home! Check out my review of the room and the “Summer Pool Party with MyFatPocket!”!

 photo CIMG2321_zpsnvkwos2c.jpgPic taken with the NEW ZR5000 that I am holding for review! No edit and perrrrfect complexion!

Bebeh was overwhelmed with excitement when she found out the location of the staycation! She sweetly told me that I can go to bed first if she went out catching pokemons till wee hours. #Awww #SibeiRomantic

I am very glad though because both also got what they want – rest & catch! #Happy

 photo CIMG2322_zps2trcf3gr.jpgThe bed beside mine’s was indeed empty for most of the night. ;-p

Checked in at only 3pm, we rested a bit while catching pokemons in the room because we were smacked right in the middle of 3-4 pokestops haha.


It’s no joke. Changi Village is full of pikachus and bebeh even caught 2 Charizards, which apparently is very rare?

 photo CIMG2329_zpsa7hnnx7h.jpgAt 4pm, we slathered on some Meditrina Deep Ocean Mineral (DOM) Gel to prep the muscles for a good gym session! I had been sick and lacking of exercise so I am always having muscle aches. This DOM gel prevents my muscles from suffering sport injuries much much better! With the use of this, my muscles also recover faster!

I lost 2kg worth of muscle mass! I need to build them back!

img_7810 img_7717

Last check of social media before I put the phone down for a real workout!


Fighting myself in the gym! ;-D

 photo CIMG2341_zpsikjbtqck.jpgI was contemplative about the choice of dinner, not wanting to waste the calories I burnt… but what’s a staycation without a small indulgence?

Bebeh was too hungry for this thai food place at Changi Village called Pranakorn.

 photo CIMG2342_zpsocmzati4.jpg

The steamed sea bass with lime and chilli was VERY GOOD!

We also ordered kanggong, prk cakes and red curry. The total bill came up to slightly over $60 for 3 pax.


After dinner, it was time for me to start work haha.

If you need a kick in the back, I’ll be the person you go to. If you need a stretch, I am the one. $50/hr friend price, very cheap. LOL! #JustKidding #IworkedForFREE

We slept a few hours and still managed to get up for the hotel’s breakfast which was so-so. After checking out, I went for brunch at L’etoile Cafe! S wanted to go to Chock Full of Beans which was just opposite, but it’s always full and I heard that it’s quite overrated. L’etoile Cafe was a sweet find during my last staycation at Village Hotel Changi!

 photo CIMG2348_zpselvw0jpi.jpgI had this Savory Parmesan French Toast ($17) and I was in love! I rarely order toast to eat but I was so glad I did. Each bite of the Golden Brown Brioche and Pain Tordu Twisted Loaf was a delight. Coated with savoury Parmesan, served with scrambled eggs and bacon, this meal put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

*Made mental note to order this again*

 photo CIMG2353_zpsdxpzfhgw.jpgS had Grilled Chicken in Oregano ($23). She had the roasted potatoes changed to fries instead. This is a real hearty meal that even the hungry fella couldn’t finish! The italian herbs marinated chicken was tender and juicy. Perfect with all that creamy oregano sauce!

 photo CIMG2355_zpsppcf81o4.jpgFood coma!

 photo CIMG2317_zps1aq3abdf.jpgEnding this post with a photo taken with ZR5000 with my best helper who’s leaving SG soon. ;-(

(ps: Next staycation coming up soon!)


Thank you Village Hotel Changi for the complimentary night!

1 Netheravon Road Singapore 508502

Hotel: +65 6379 7111 / Reservations: +65 6881 8888

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