WoaWoa’s 1st Birthday Party!

Receiving an invitation to a dog’s birthday party is not the most common thing for me but without hesitation, i woofed (rsvp-ed)! Who can resist cute doggies party?! Thank you to K & C for organizing this party!


Let’s check out the birthday girl, shall we?


Princess WoaWoa welcomed us by the door! Look at her! Wear until so pretty!



The hosts even prepared a goodiebag for each doggy friend! There was a tee and treats in it!


it took BabyChia a good while to warm up since he hardly has the chance to socialize with other dogs. Look at those happy faces grinning at my finger! I was holding their treats haha.


Excited WoaWoa who seemed to know that it was her party! BabyChia wearing the tee from the goodiebag!

img_7396 img_7410

Warmed up already! Thanks to all the nom-nom!


Cake cutting time! The pumpkin cake looks good!

I was telling them “This is the 1st time there is a cake and humans don’t get to eat it!” ;-p

img_7421 img_7429

The mandatory birthday star and friend and kiss shot.



Cake was cut, and it smelled damn good too. *drools*

Cake from The Barkery.


Here’s the birthday prezzie we got for WoaWoa! Military backpack for more outings!


Which furkid is happy now? 😉


K must be telling BabyChia that party was ending…


You know it has been some awesome, rough playing when the Princess’s lovely tresses turned into a Rocker Prince’s hairstyle.



Gotten this trolley cum backpack online last year! K thought we didn’t bring BabyChia when he couldn’t see the dog behind me when we reached ahahaha.

Princess WoaWoa doing her cute “Please please” dance!

A video posted by Herine (@herine_ang) on Sep 21, 2016 at 11:20pm PDT


Thanks for reading!

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