Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyle… SIA!

I’ve been harping at myself to keep my hair long and not cut anything more than half an inch. The statement stayed too true, with me disappearing from the hair “scene” for more than 2 months. The purple hues lasted as long as that so I was hoarding it for a bit too. This time round, I got a celebrity-inspired hairstyle sia! Make a guess?

Notice: Hairtistry Salon has moved from Tampines to Bedok!

New Address: 26 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 462026

 photo IMG_0256_zps8awoqafr.jpg

 photo IMG_0236_zpscxnrqajl.jpg

 photo IMG_0240_zpsqkdtmaek.jpg

Look at how much my hair has grown! However, I am not a fan of shoulder-length hair. Not when I have half curly, half rebonded hair.

 photo IMG_0242_zps8gplxwsv.jpg

My hairstylist Tonny did Mucota Dyna to straighten my curly roots.

 photo IMG_0263_zpscsxvhcu0.jpg

All was well until he had to think what hairstyle he could give me without taking much length off. Looks like he had a big headache! ;-p

 photo IMG_0264_zpsntwcftmg.jpg

The kind of drink my hairstylist offered me… BEER!


But my alcohol tolerance sucked…


 photo IMG_0262_zpsngma7b5j.jpg

I picked up a new girl when I got tipsy. #justkidding

 photo IMG_0285_zpssitmswwn.jpg

Wow, I have smooth glossy hair!


Have you guessed which celebrity did Tonny intend to turn me into?






 photo IMG_0291_zpsezjbrebc.jpg

SIA inspired this look! But this look won’t stay long! Once I enjoyed that cutting, I wanna cut more! *Feeling guilty about promising myself to keep hair long*

 photo IMG_0260_zpsnuz5nnn4.jpgStylist’s profile hahaha

Hairtistry PriceList (low-res)-01

 photo 14212140_10153882112114786_1590980418731905764_n_zpst1q4nhsy.jpg

Quote my name for 20% off all hair services!

Address: 26 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 462026
Operating Hours: 11.00am – 8.00pm
Contact: 6241 9388


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