I Need to Start Breathing Right

After attending my first yoga session during the Summer Pool Party with My Fat Pocket, I had a clear realization – I had been breathing sparingly for the last i-dunno-how-many years. Having frequent a TCM clinic, the physician also advised that I need to start breathing fully and better. Some people who hears the issue as it is started exclaiming “How can you not be breathing?!”. One of these people included one western doctor, which I started wondering why was it that he didn’t bother to really find out what was wrong with his patient.

I gasped for air while I slept during a few nights, awakening to this suffocation and I was instantly aware that I might have stopped breathing for more than a minute. As I struggled catching my breath, I checked if I had blocked nose (one of the problems caused by sinus). Times when my nose wasn’t as blocked, I deduced that out of my conscience I usually don’t breathe properly through the nostrils especially at nights, yet I also forgot to breathe through my mouth.

The reasons why I didn’t really breathe well:

  1. I was stressed out
  2. I have rhinitis
  3. I am always afraid to breathe in bacteria when I am in the public

I need to learn how to breathe from scratch again.


Updating a little lesser these days as I needed time to sort out a lot of things.

Be back in a couple of weeks with some reviews! 😉

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