Walking a Chihuahua… Taking Small Little Steps

Chihuahuas do not seem to be very good walkers, since they are so small and do not require much exercise. During one of my crashover at my Bebeh’s, we had 2 missions – to walk her chihuahua (Buddy) plus ourselves, and to paint her wall. It felt rewarding as we achieved both! I even brought my camera out for the walk so that I can capture a few photos of the duo!
 photo IMG_0196_zpsfc0ibdbh.jpg

Buddy only recently accepted being leashed and walk. He used to lie on the floor the moment that leash got near him. Not to mention, no walks ever succeeded. The human mommy became the next “Paris Hilton” with her chihuahua on hand.

 photo IMG_0197_zpsf0wh87ku.jpg

It took little buddy a long while to slowly explore his surroundings. We made sure to give him plenty of freedom to do so such that he can get used to the leash and walking out of his comfort zone. Obviously, he prefers the grass patches more than pavements.

 photo IMG_0201_zps90uijoed.jpg

His attempt to walk didn’t last too long as he flopped down on the pavement waiting to be carried. It might be only a hundred steps for us, but it could have been a thousand for the little fella. So yeah, give him a break and continued our walk with fur in hand.

 photo IMG_0202_zpsjvubnzgo.jpg

Something funny about Buddy is… he doesn’t have any expressions one. When he is excited or happy, he only wags his tail but the face is one kind of serious! ;-p

 photo IMG_0205_zps3nk5bmiu.jpg

Lai yi ge Paris Hilton look-alike! If you can’t imagine, check this out…


Different but same!

 photo IMG_0208_zpscj8atqiz.jpg

Bimbos be like “Ooh here is a mirror check point! Is my hair still in place? Do I still look damn good without makeup?” #NotBimbos

 photo IMG_0209_zpsh3xtuc5v.jpg

Zoom-up of the expressionless Buddy.

 photo IMG_0212_zps9ixorb70.jpg

After being carried for 1km, Buddy decided to give walking another shot!






 photo IMG_0214_zpsdwnp1elo.jpg

For one metre… Hmmm good try though lol.

It was a good walk. We clocked in around 5-6km while soaking up Mother Nature. All my fishies friends need to do this together some time! ;-D

 photo IMG_0216_zpsepk2xdxw.jpg

 photo IMG_0217_zpstx4c6bwz.jpg

Sinful reward for all those perspiration and workout!

I even managed to groom Buddy. My virgin try at shaving a dog and it was successful too! Hooray! Bebeh is very happy cos she gets to save on the groomer’s fee from now on!

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