A Stroll in The Park with Pokemon Catchers

A wonderful weekend crash-over at the pals included a nice stroll at Punggol Waterway Park. It was such a warming sight to see people being so enthusiastic about keeping fit and getting close to Mother Nature… only to realize that majority of them were there on a greater mission: To catch pokemons.

 photo IMG_0153_zpsfek5jfcf.jpg

Thanks to bestie for ‘modelling’ for this pic 😉

It is something I cannot comprehend. I have nothing against people who play Pokemon Go really, because if Harry Potter really comes up with such a game, I might just download it. However, what peeved me was that some players were more engrossed over the game than being considerate to the other people around them.

We saw joggers and cyclists coping with minimal pathway as Pokemon Go players crowd around, excited/frustrated eyes fixated on their tiny screens, some mouths agape and some mumbling away. We saw players standing on the grass fields too, as a measure to give way, but at the same time, stepping those grass to death. It wasn’t a welcoming sight. We hurried past and went in search for quieter spots.

Pokemon aside, scroll down for photos! 🙂

 photo IMG_0123_zpsar877auv.jpg

Water feature that somehow gotten the bestie quite excited.

 photo IMG_0126_zpslcpa2qqa.jpg

Sometimes, we just need to sit down, relax and have nothing to think about.


 photo IMG_0133_zpstnwlxdiu.jpg

 photo IMG_0138_zpsy7oa5vgj.jpg

Taking one step at a time.

 photo IMG_0144_zpsfukhivdg.jpg

 photo IMG_0157_zpsxo9hnqzf.jpg

Not forgetting to stretch the muscles out and take a break in between!

 photo IMG_0160_zpsp0d5hfwg.jpg

*inserts random photo of her DIY nails*

 photo IMG_0161_zpsbsio37ik.jpg

Sun setting.

 photo IMG_0164_zps8cyf1jmf.jpg

 photo IMG_0167_zpstlchapi3.jpg

 photo IMG_0168_zpsvthj60ao.jpg

Up the stairs to get out of the park!

 photo IMG_0127_zps4dg37ehq.jpg

Bestie and I made a pact to try our best to put in such healthy activities as much as we can, or at least every single time I stay over. Fresh air works wonder for the lungs!

Photos taken with Canon Powershot SX540 HS.


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