I Do Stayovers… Here’s Why

Ever since my pals got their own house years ago, I have self-declared to have partial shares in the guest room! They never fail to welcome me anytime I wanna stay over, be it for a girls’ nails party, simply sleepover or to babysit the dog. At this age, sleepovers do sound a bit unusual. The bffs asked me “Herine! You have nowhere to sleep meh?!” HAHAHA, hey I sure do, but it’s a whole lot of difference because this bestie has seen me and slept with me since we were 16 & 17!

Moreover I have the entire room to myself when I sleep over and also:

Great Food

Steamboat for lunch and dinner! We were bloated to our guts.



Hearty breakfast… #fulloflove


Louis agrees!

Great Company


But the dog kept trying to get in between my legs. Gosh, this sounds extremely wrong, but you know what I mean.

Impromtu Mahjong Session


With durian puree for dessert! No wonder everyone’s having a bad throat ahahaha!

Stroll in the Park

unnamed (1)

Told bestie we need to get our asses moving so we headed to the Waterway park which is just opposite her house. Brought my camera along. Yup, more photos in another post. No gorgeous ootd shots or what because no makeup. Nature is awesome!

The Massage/ Entertainment Room


The pals recently added an Ogawa massage chair into their study room and since, they have converted it to be a rest & relax room. Can’t find me around the house? You know where to find.

I have decided I want a massage chair in my future house too!

I love stayovers at bestie’s! It feels like home too. 😉

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