Summer Pool Party with MyFatPocket!

I was so excited when I received an invitation from My Fat Pocket to attend their Summer Pool Party held at Village Hotel Changi! It has been more than 5 good years since I joined them as a resident blogger and I’ve always been looking forward to a gathering session for the longest time ever! Claire and I decided to reach way earlier before the rest so we can explore the hotel for good photo spots!

IMG_0016 IMG_0026

Someone online commented I have strong upper body! Hehe thanks! I think it’s quite an easy stunt but I did risk my safety a little for this shot!


Sun was too bright, can’t get my head up high.


Outside the event room that holds a beautiful scenery.


So happy to see Mikko after so long! We really need to catch up more often! I am really excited that she has started on her fitness journey too!

 photo DB6G4688_zpsbuqhyhai.jpg

We toured the hotel – spacious rooms, pools, seminar rooms and ballroom.

So happened I was there for a  staycation the week before! Check out my review HERE.

I didn’t manage to utilize the gym the previous stay and I was definitely wow-ed because this must be one of the biggest hotel gym I have seen!

Mikko and I started doing some light workout! 😉

 photo DB6G4700_zpsw9oyokyd.jpg

 photo DB6G4704_zpssrbi0tiy.jpg

 photo DB6G4706_zpswtms3aup.jpg

 photo DB6G4727_zpsr4rbqls7.jpg

The Creek Pool is situated outside the restaurant.



Then, we had YOGA! It was my first time trying it and now I understand why people like it! It was an opportunity to slow down my pace, to breathe properly and to rest my eyes instead of staring at screens. Those moments, I seemed to forget my worries.

 photo DB6G4825_zpshinppckg.jpg

We sat through a fitness talk with delicious, healthy food.


The weather wasn’t great but we had great fun bonding indoors!

 photo DB6G4923_zpslakmqzfw.jpg

 photo DB6G4963_zpslwkodys5.jpg

We were all wearing bikinis or swim tops sponsored by Roxy!


Thank you to the following sponsors as well!

I enjoyed myself and it was a good-planned event. Would love to have more of such gatherings if possible! Thank you MFP!


  1. […] Summer all year round yo! I finally got to utilize the complimentary night stay at the hotel that’s surrounded with pokestops, lures and massive crowds of Pokemon Go addicts. This is my 3rd time at Village Hotel Changi and it’s starting to feel like home! Check out my review of the room and the “Summer Pool Party with MyFatPocket!”! […]



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