It Has Been 2 Rough Weeks but I am Thankful

Hello! It has been 5 days since my last update.

To be frank, I was having a rough and tough 2-3 weeks. I have been clumsy (had a fall), extremely busy with work, embarking on a new side business with my bffs Viv & Mel, going through some relationship & health issues and also at the same time trying to be there for friends who need me. Still, I thank God that He helped me to pass it.

Amidst all these, I also attended 2 events which coincidentally happened in Village Hotel Changi. Click HERE for my staycation post. A summer pool party with the whole MFP dudes and babes will be up soon as well!

Now that the most busy week has been over, I am ready to start churning more posts! Hopefully, next week I will also be sharing with you on my little side business with the bffs (if you haven’t already seen my Instagram or Facebook postings). It has been really exciting and also why I have been more busy than usual. Greedy me wants more on my plate. On top of that, I am still attending ukulele classes on Saturdays. I love music!

Do follow me on IG or like my FB page for more updates! 😉

With love,



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