Village Hotel Changi

I was invited for a corporate event at Village Hotel Changi and they kindly gave all the invited guests a complimentary night stay! It was a good work-day as I left the office earlier to hustle myself down to the hotel located just 5 minutes away from the well-known Changi Village Food Centre. I kicked off my shoes and immediately sank into relaxation (after all the photo-taking that is!) in this big 25sqm deluxe room before the presentation and meeting started.

 photo IMG_0100_zpsqczycsi5.jpgPainted with pastel hues, the room gave a cheery mood and cosy feel.

 photo IMG_0104_zpscvn2cfdq.jpgI like the extra sofa and work desk by the side. Travelers need all the extra space they can get, isn’t it? Although I didn’t manage to get a room with sea-view, the view I had was of trees and clouds. This is serenity.

 photo IMG_0093_zpsgfipmkgr.jpgThe bathroom is spacious as well. It comes with a bath tub and offers a see-through view, with the option of a blind for privacy should you be sharing the room.

 photo IMG_0095_zpsofohhrxr.jpgA pic with my new camera! 😉

 photo IMG_0096_zpsebsvuedh.jpgBasic shower necessities are provided.

 photo IMG_0098_zpsgawp1g26.jpgThe large wardrobe, equipped with iron and ironing board, ensures that you get plenty of space for your belongings. A plus point especially for people who are staying for an extensive period.

 photo IMG_0102_zpsjth71jb2.jpgHandy phone in the room which I didn’t have the time to explore or configure to use the wifi.

 photo IMG_0108_zpslcjpiwru.jpgNot a pink person but I feel so happy in the room!

 photo IMG_0110_zpsibp8vh3z.jpgI was testing out my camera so this explains quite a few photos of me hehe.

 photo IMG_0113_zps5yytfoq9.jpgTheir food menu looks good! But a little pricey. ;-(

 photo IMG_0114_zpsyobxjbej.jpg photo IMG_0119_zpsajjwb64c.jpgThe rainy day made me wanna just stay in the room throughout!

 photo IMG_0122_zpsx8jhw16o.jpgTesting out the remote shooting function of my Canon Powershot SX540 HS! With a simple touch on the phone screen, photos can be easily taken!

 photo IMG_0123_zpscudatrkd.jpg photo IMG_0128_zpswl0k4vaz.jpgThey brought us on a tour to check out their ballroom and 17 function rooms! (of course not all the pics are here). If you are keen, you can contact them via their website.

 photo IMG_0149_zpsjiqdnc1o.jpg photo IMG_0153_zpscrzwt4vf.jpg photo IMG_0155_zpsvwnr4w1p.jpgEnded the meet with buffet dinner and I was lucky enough to win a bottle of champagne!

Went out to Changi Village Hawker to buy some more food for supper ahaha (yes yes i know right I just ate!)

 photo IMG_0161_zpsecq1sucq.jpgFeeling too guilty from the supper, I had granola bar & orange juice for breakfast! Compliments from the hotel!

I will be returning again to utilize the pools and gym!


Village Hotel Changi

1 Netheravon Road Singapore 508502

Hotel: +65 6379 7111 / Reservations: +65 6881 8888


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