Canon Powershot SX540 HS

I am ready to UP my game! Truth be told, social media photos quality has been set with high expectations, as compared to the typical post-to-share and post-just-to-tag-friends photos. Instagram has become a channel to ‘compete’ who has the most beautiful photo with highest number of likes. This unspoken competition has stressed me enough to go get a new camera, be hardworking in taking better shots, and lastly, hoping that the likes and followers might increase significantly. All these for ONE reason. To brand myself and not hear clients say my followers and photo likes too little for their brand. Also, many marketing people (not me!) seem to prefer Instagram ads over blogs nowadays. WHY? Instagram is scroll-and-go, whereas blog posts stay as long as the writer doesn’t delete it!

 photo IMG_6787_zpsrno52b9s.jpg

Canon Powershot SX540 HS

I looked high and low for this camera for the past 2 months! Last year, J was telling me that she saw a new mini dslr-looking canon camera and had wanted to get it for me but it went out of stock in many major stores. I found out that was a Canon Powershot SX420 IS. It’s so small and light, so cute and yet so promising! I was tempted to get it until I came across Canon Powershot SX540 HS eventually. Both cameras actually fall under the compact cameras category even though they look quite pro! Concurrently, there were a few recommendation and after doing a comparison research with Mel & Viv for the specs and price range, I decided to get SX540 instead.

I swear I was stuck between Canon Powershot SX540 HS and the Powershot G7 X Mark II for a few days after I heard how bff Mel praised her G7 for the flipscreen and beautiful photos. I checked with the shop that reserved a SX540 for me if they have a G7. Thankfully they don’t, so my damage kept to just $400+. Canon retails the Powershot SX540 HS at $499. Very affordable I must say!

After a visit to Cathay Photo that also gave me a small discount, I brought home a new camera with a camera bag – Manfrotto (MB h-XS-E) Holster XS!

 photo IMG_6788_zpsp1rynvfo.jpg

I will definitely get used to a much bigger camera! My 2 favourite functions are the Wi-Fi and NFC that enables me to transfer images from camera to mobile phone for quick posting and also the remote shooting! Now I need not have another person or timer to take my own photos!

 photo IMG_0035_zpszhufgh5m.jpg

Only need to download the app and key in password once. From the app, I can see if the angle is right and whether am I within the frame. My phone will be my remote clicker as I easily zoom in and out and capture photos!

 photo IMG_6789_zpszekq8pke.jpg

Some of the Specifications for PowerShot SX540 HS

  • 50x optical zoom
  • Approx. 20.3 megapixels
  • LCD with wide viewing angle
  • Zoom Framing Assist buttons (Seek, Lock)

Check out the full specifications here.


I am extremely NOT TALENTED in photography, but I am trying my best to also learn not to just use the AUTO mode haha. But it’s so convenient to simply click and shoot!

Here’s a few images taken!

 photo IMG_6791_zpskzxvjdlq.jpg

Kiki said: “Wow new camera to take my sexy poses? Come, I clap for you.

 photo IMG_0030_zpsh36km1jr.jpg

Serious modelling starts.

Make sure not to point the camera lamp in the furkids’ eyes.

 photo IMG_0078_zpsjpeurkp7.jpg

Babychia was pretty cool with it although he hates photo-taking most times.


This was taken under dim light. I had to adjust the brightness before I post. Not too high-res it seems.


So far, I am loving my camera and lugging it around every day. This is a little “sacrifice” for someone who vowed to travel light for her shoulders’ sake and always snapping photos with her iphone. But, I need to bear in mind that no matter how good or expensive a camera is, if the photographer is bad, he/she is JUST BAD. I will be exploring photo-taking a bit and I am hoping to get out more to test out my skills! Crossing my fingers that I’ve some flair in photography somehow, some day, some time soon! ;-p

Stay tuned for a hotel post with photos taken with this camera!


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