5 Reasons Why I Love Hotel Gyms

What do you call one who exercises more than an average person but way lesser than a hardcore gym-goer? Never in my life, I fancy a public-shared gym. Yes, I am conscious at how people look at me, and I’ll feel rather uncomfortable if one is to look at me for more than 2 seconds. All I need is familiarity but I hardly can bring myself to that first step and I dislike gym-ing alone (unless it’s private gym). So, when I go on hotel staycations, i make sure that they offer gym facilities and preferably one that’s around the clock!

5 reasons why I prefer hotel gyms:


A photo posted by Herine (@herine_ang) on Jul 15, 2016 at 10:19pm PDT


I Burn As Much As I Eat (hopefully!)

Usually when people go on staycations, they tend to eat more meals and tidbits (true case for J & I). While I want to do all that, I also hope to keep to my routine as much as I can. If I can work off the excessive calories, I feel even better while indulging in all the food!



I can Gym at Odd Hours

Yes, I particularly like late night gym-ing especially when I often have insomnia! A good workout puts me to sleep better! And that brings you to the next point…



There are Usually LESS or NO People at a Hotel’s Gym

Thankfully, most people likes to visit other places than the gym during their stay. Or they will normally do it in the mornings. I hardly need to wait for any equipment.



I Can Return to My Room to Shower Right After

I like the idea of mad perspiration and returning to the abode immediately, instead of having to take public transport to get home from the gym. (got full length mirror for post-exercise selfie too lol)



The Partner Gets Her Fair Share of Workout

Because during a staycation is when the partner is most accommodating with exercising haha. I hardly have the time to go for a run if I stay over at her place on weekends. To be honest, I really really want a fitness buddy. So yeah, can only make her exercise when we go staycations.


Photos taken during Oasia Hotel Downtown stay. Click HERE to read.

Recommended hotel’s gym facilities: The Quincy Hotel

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(ps: I apologize for the low-res photos. Taken with phone camera. New camera coming real soon and new phone next month!)

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