Learn to Enjoy The Moments

One fine morning as I was having my breakfast and sipping coffee, trying to take my time and have gentle movements despite having a rush schedule, I was inspired for this blog topic by the sister. She was in a mad rush trying to get her makeup and breakfast done, slamming the drawers/cabinets that disrupted my peaceful moments. Yeah, I was enjoying those moments even though I was hell late. I started thinking why are we similar and yet so different in many ways.


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I had so many questions in my head.

Do we see life differently? But we aren’t brought up differently? Are we facing different kinds of stress in life and work? What are those? What’s the real definition of a ‘quality’ life? Is it defined by riches, materials, happiness or love? People must have written about these before. Loads of it. But I still think about it.


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Forget about that act-peaceful-moments already. I was so hyped up that I started asking people to do my short survey help me out with a few questions! And here’s the collected ‘data’. I thank you all sincerely for your time, even if I do not know you in person. Sometimes, I get so so so curious that I gotta satisfy my curiosity immediately.


The participants in this little survey


Q: What is ‘quality life’ to you?

LYC: My family members are healthy and happy.

V.O: Work-life balance with comfortable means and flexibility in timing.

M.C: Enough to eat, enough to wear and to be able to afford for small luxuries.

Vikashdip: Freedom (Time and money) to do what makes you happy.

Myself: To have a calm mind and heart, to spend good time with my love ones and to have a not-too-bad career.


Q: In order to achieve your ‘quality life’, what is needed to be done or improved on?

LYC: Lead a healthy lifestyle and and try my best to spend quality time with my family.

V.O: Less clients who argue on nitty gritties and negotiating on payments.

M.C: Hope more people buy nail Polish?

Vikashdip: Planning and scheduling. Financial Literacy

Myself: A good job with a good boss. Work-life balance so that I can have enough time with my family. Accumulate more good deeds so I can live happily.


Q: Who would you want to be in this quality life with?

LYC: Spouse and Family

V.O: Myself

M.C: Mr R

Vikashdip: Myself

Myself: Myself, family, partner and friends


Q: Do the people around you share the same definition of ‘quality life’?

LYC: Yes

V.O: Nope

M.C: No… this is subjective

Vikashdip: Some but not all

Myself: Not really especially when I go in-depth about the ’emotional’ or ‘spiritual’ mood.


What’s your definition of a life with quality? What is quality to you? Do share with me! 😉

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