Eating from a Plastic Bag is Beyond My Imagination

There is always a first time doing everything. My ‘first’ eating out of a plastic bag came so much later than everyone else who have been loving this eating trend. I swear I couldn’t understand why – why the craze of eating food from a bag that’s being poured out onto a plastic-covered table??


One fine, boring Sunday at home, the sister suggested to go out for some dessert at a cafe and dinner at XXX. I said ‘okay’ (because I was sick of blogging and blogging at home) and just tagged along even though I had no idea where we were going. The car ride took us to an ice cream cafe in Bedok first, where we satisfied our charcoal waffles with salted egg yolk sauce craving and then to The Boiler at Taiseng.


It was only moments before we reached the restaurant that I found out what we were going to eat.

The Boiler is a Southern American-inspired seafood joint that serves up fresh seafood in Cajun style known as seafood boil. Aka seafood in a bag. There are a few restaurants doing very similar concepts.


We sat down at a far corner, which happens to be the best photo-opportunity wall!

IMG_6625 IMG_6627

Crispy fish skin with salted egg yolk was extremely crispy and served as a perfect sharing starter.


Boiler’s Bombdiggity Bag ($145/ 4 pax if I didn’t remember wrongly)
Dungeness/seasonal crab, prawns, mussels, clams, sausages, corn & bun – which we chose to be cooked in garlic sauce, spicy level medium.


So, our seafood came in this huge, thick plastic bag.

As our phone cameras savored the fresh, steamy food, the OCD me started worrying…

“Will the plastic melt and poison me somehow due to the high temperature of the food?”

“Is it hygienic?”

Yeah, I know right. My OCD is very real and very serious. But then the glutton in me couldn’t resist the spicy-smelling sauce and tasty seafood. I will not think about whatever for then.

IMG_6630 IMG_6638

Other people eat it by pouring all their seafood out on the table. Since it was full of awesome sauce, we decided to retain the bag and use the table space for the shells instead. Glad we did that because it can be really messy!



Our bill came up to $200 (4 of us) – seafood, starter and drinks. It’s an okay price to pay. But might try to replicate this meal (estimated cost: $100) if I have my own kitchen in future! 😉


What I love about The Boiler:

Fresh, BIG and juicy crab that is so crunchy in the meat texture! Very nicely cooked sauce. (but a little bit too salty at the bottom)

Can visit again even though it’s hidden in part of a road in Taiseng.


What could be improved:

The wash basins that filled with food residues. I cannot comprehend why people can rinse their mouths already then leave the washing area without rinsing the basins off. It is quite a turn-off after meal (as we struggled to keep our food in our bellies) and is very turn-off before meal too. These people needs to learn to be more hygienic and considerate to others. I think what the restaurant can do is to have someone check the basins (i know i know it can be quite irking) so that it doesn’t kill the appetite of the patrons or deter people from returning.



18 Howard Rd
#01-06,  Novelty Bizcentre
Singapore 369585

Tel: +65 6635 1285 (Please call for appointment so that you won’t be disappointed if you fail to get a seat!)

Check here for the opening hours.

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