Sorry No Hawaiian Dance with My Ukulele!

Some think I know how to play the ukulele. Some think I have above average skills for this musical instrument from some covers in the past (that I thought was badly done), and most probably wonder why I enrolled myself in a Ukulele BEGINNER Course. When we talk about the ukulele topic, images like this pop into my mind:

dbc9b5490075187a5cc2788351ee1921Image credit: Pinterest

No worries though, I’m not starring in Jay Chou’s MV, so no ukulele with coconut husks attire dancing on the beach! The course that I enrolled in teaches POP songs. 😉

Earlier this year, I set a little goal for myself – to brush up a hobby in 2016. And… I am so glad I am doing it for real finally!!

The reasons for starting ukulele from scratch ALL OVER AGAIN are:

  1. I need to ensure that my techniques are right
  2. I need to learn more practical fingerings
  3. I need to learn how to read tablature scores (only learnt some chord charts by myself, thanks to google)
  4. I want to have discipline and do what I promised myself



But all these wouldn’t be possible without my dearest sporting friend, YS!

I recalled messaging YS one day a couple months back and telling her HOW MUCH I want to enroll in a music course. I asked her if she would be keen to join me after googling for some music schools, she replied me “ok lor. If no one accompany you, then I go with you.” HAHAHA I know how “enthusiastic” she sounded right? Nevertheless, her enthusiasm is real as we proceeded to register online at Replugged Music School.


I have to admit: Since primary school, my teachers have commented on my short concentration span. I get distracted easily and my mind will just wander elsewhere. Thankfully, the lessons are very easy to understand.Ukulele is said to be one of the easiest instrument to learn! Although I think I might struggle if I haven’t learn a bit myself before I attended the first class. #NotMusicExpert


The class was kept at a cozy 6 pax so that it doesn’t compromise our learning.

The difficulty for me would be the difference of the techniques of playing a western and a chinese guitar-like instrument. When I was in secondary school, I learned just the strumming of the ruan for 3 months, and played it for 4 years. Until now, the strumming patterns remain in my head. Hence, I need to tell myself to re-adjust and learn a different set. 😉


2 kukus in class trying our best to be bright students ;-p

Among a number of music schools that I compared, the ukulele lessons at Replugged is the most affordable and not to mention, at a very accessible location and with good reviews!

249B Victoria Street
Bugis Village
Singapore 188034

They did very interesting music videos, you can check out their Facebook page here or visit

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  1. […] That 3 months had been so fulfilling. Not wanting to break my own promise to learn something by this year, I signed up for a beginner class for Ukulele few months ago with a friend. I was never happier. I found ourselves a great school with very affordable fees! More affordable than other schools that I checked out! Although I somehow play the ukulele since the end of 2014, I still propelled myself to go for this music course because I thought I ought to do better. You can read up more here. […]



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