Top 4 Singapore Staycations

It’s amusing how people come to me for recommendations of Singapore hotels because they have the impression that I do many staycations. Quote the sister: “U are so well travelled in sg.” I take it as a compliment? Haha.

There are some people who couldn’t understand why others spend on local hotel stays instead of getting out of Singapore for a holiday and enjoy the fresher air somewhere else. For me, a Singapore staycation is a good recharge when I couldn’t afford to take leave to travel/didn’t feel up to it. Being in Singapore elsewhere other at home can sometimes be quite a therapy! I can be momentarily be relieved from all stress, work and at the same time “fantasize” about having my own house. After so many staycations, I believe that I can do a not-too-bad job of interior design for my own house in future! 😉

For your convenience, I am listing my top 4 hotels for staycation in Singapore at an affordable price (As compared to high-end hotels).


1. The Quincy Hotel


Recommended for: Impeccable services, value-for-money staycay packages and the big gym room and bath facilities.

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2. LLOYD’S Inn


Recommended for: For people who loves the nature, large space, loft and open-concept bathroom.

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3. Naumi Hotel


Recommended for: Great service, bedroom panorama viewand modern, quirky designs.

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4. Oasia Hotel Downtown


Recommended for: Interactive reception space, artsy wooden carvings in hotel room and very big poolside area.

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Which is your favourite? 😉


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