Did This Really Help Me Grow Hair?!

Hair loss is no joke after I passed the age of 30. Especially when I am already born with little, thin hair. I inherited this genetic condition from my Dad. When I was younger, it didn’t matter that much to me as I thought the hair will somehow grow back. As I neared 30 and now past that number, I know deep in my heart that it’s gonna be real hard to ever own voluminous hair.

Why didn’t I go to the so-called professionals and haircare centers?

Because they give out free trials generously. Yes.

And this is when they will “关门放狗” (go all way out) in order to make people sign up packages. Of course, if one really requires serious help, a package is necessary to achieve results. I just didn’t want to impulsively sign a package based on the first try and to return to subsequent sessions not seeing results. (Experience spoken from some weight management package I had)

Facebook Sponsored Ad Got Me

Anyway, as you might already know, I am on social media every single day. I scrolled through Facebook a lot because of work too. I cannot believe how easily I fall for Facebook sponsored ads these days. Where have the thrifty guru in me gone to? Nevertheless, I convinced myself that I am only buying something that I really need; that I am desperate for a solution.


Nuviante is a supplement product to aid in hair growth, healthy scalp and follicles. I checked the ingredients and thought they seem not too bad. Made my boss check the ingredients (he has experience in product ingredients and formulation fyi) for me just to double confirm and he said the ingredients look good and he would try it out for a few months if he’s me. From browsing and googling reviews, it took me a month to finally place order in April. Took another month to reach me.work


The key ingredients


Biotin 2000mcg: Strengthen and accelerate hair and nail growth.

Pantothenic Acid 10mg: Strengthens hair follicles. Relieves itching and flaking.

Horsetail: Improves sheen, texture and strength of hair, nails and bones.

PABA (Para-Aminobenzoic Acid): Restores hair by building protein and protect against UV radiation.



I was already sold. I went ahead and ordered a 5-month supply. Well, also that’s more cost-saving, presuming it works and I want to take it for a few months.



2 pills a day, keep the baldness away. ;-p


They don’t show the full ingredient list on their website, so here’s the back of the bottle for your convenience. As you can see, this supplement is made up mainly of vitamins – absolutely safe for consumption!


It Turns Pee Neon Yellow

It’s common and normal. Because of the excess riboflavin, the body will get rid of the excess by passing it out. Read this article.


Photo is not edited except for the text.


7 May 2016: I started taking Nuviante

19 June 2016: After taking Nuviante for more than 1 month.


The taste of the supplement is quite overwhelming and few weeks before, I started to think if it’s gonna work for me since I have little hair since birth. I did not realize any difference until I put the photos side by side! Did my hair looks denser or what? My hair is now at a comfortable to tie-into-ponytail length and I guess I should credit Nuviante for this hair growth.

I am now halfway through my 2nd bottle and will finish 3 or 4 bottles before I give another update here again! GROW HAIR, GROW!


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