Socialization The Natural Way

Like most parents, you hope and dream about who your baby will be in the world and how they would achieve something in their life.  At some point of parenthood, you will be worrying if your baby is able to cope with the demands of our society. If you are a parent of a child with special needs, that worry would very much double.


At Staccatopop, they recognize the lack of social skills in most special needs individuals, hence the key objective is to equip them with the appropriate skills to cope with challenges they face socially in their daily lives.


Staccatopop practices naturalistic learning where they will invite mainstream children of similar age group to participate in their structured activities. Activities include art and craft, story-telling, music as well as therapist-guided games. Their target is to allow the child to pick up social skills, identify appropriate behaviour that they should display through the natural interaction with other children.


During class time, they will sit alongside with the others and model after the appropriate behaviour that they witness, in some cases, it could be raising hands to participate in a game. Each special needs child will have a therapist attached to them, assuming the role of a shadow.


To promote cohesive learning, parents are also given regular feedback and updates so that they can practice and generalize the skills at home.

To find out more about these classes:

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