I Subscribed To Healthy Lunches!

I am now on a healthy lunch program! It’s a GOD-sent! Thanks to J’s colleague recommendation, I can avoid fretting over what unhealthy industrial area food to eat daily and book my healthier choices in advance! Foodmatters.me is fuss-free food delivery service that specializes in healthier food options that are also big on taste. They came out with flexible monthly plans that users can access easily from the computer or through the smartphone application. It’s kinda thrilling for someone with OCD like me. I realized that I actually like to plan what I eat in advance too hurhur! Read on, there will be a code for your FREE 2 meals!


I must say the person who founded this business is damn smart. This is a BRILLIANT concept and I am looking forward to the yummy meals I can plan throughout my weeks! When I came across the website, I was once again disappointed that my work area is not on the delivery location list. Healthy food just doesn’t travel to ulu Ubi! Nevertheless, I dropped them an email (just to try my luck) and they kindly put my office postal code into their list! Thank you!

I shared about this subscription lunch program with my colleague and we decided to get the $96 (12 meals) plan to share first. The subscription will be a recurring one unless we decide to change the plan or suspend it. You can check out other plans here. Payment has to be made with paypal and once it’s confirmed, we started booking our meals! If I am not wrong, the meals can be booked a day in advance if it’s before 1pm. After 1 pm, 2 days later.


Get 2 free meal credits when you enter my referral code “574KPS2DJ“!


calendar meals

Here’s how the meal calendar looks like!

Each day, there is 6 dishes to choose from. Includes 1 vegetarian meal. What I love is the convenience of it, as well as the health info provided! Calories, carbs, fats and protein are shown for each meal! Great for those on a stricter diet.


Day 1 meal: Chickpea & Spinach Curry with Brown Rice

Initially, I was a little worried that the regular size will not fill me up, yet I didn’t want to order the gym size because that’s recommended for people who did lots of workout and all I do is sitting my butt on the office chair lol. The photo illustration looks too good and although the real thing did fare a little lower on the presentation comparison, the taste was superb for a vegetarian curry!

IMG_6316 IMG_6317

Healthy vegan curry is real good! The brown rice, even though not a big portion, filled me up perfectly.




Day 2 meal: Mediterranean Fish Parcels

I must be crazy to skip my usual rice or noodles carbs on this day. It sure wouldn’t fill me up! Or so, I said too early. The portion kept me at 70-80% full, which is ideal for me.

CIMG1068 CIMG1070

I love it! Cleaned it up in no time! The fish has no fishy smell. Wish there was more vegetables though.

Wow, I’m pretty impressed just after 2 meals with foodmatters.me! Their healthy food is too delicious! My bff Melva also signed up the moment I shared with her the program. Guess what? She entered my referral code and we both received 2 meal credits free! Hooray!

Update: Feeling sick on 29th June. Emailed at 2am to them an urgent request for my meal to be sent to my house. They didn’t reply fast enough until I called & SMS them but it was too late to change. Free meal for colleague.

If you like to subscribe and get your 2 free meals, you can enter the code “574KPS2DJ“!


Eat clean, eat healthy and be happy! May my washboard abs come out soonest! 😉

(ps: This is neither a paid ad nor sponsored.)

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