3 Signs That Your ‘Natural’ Product May Not Be THAT Natural

Have you ever purchased any product that has such strong claims and wonderful key ingredients but as you went months into using it, you started thinking if the product wasn’t really that fantastic or your skin must be screwed up in some ways hence the lack of results?

We all develop expectations based on advertisements, reviews and word of mouth. I was guilty for buying stuff just because I heard and/or read that they were good. I bought them so quick that I didn’t even bother to check the labels – thanks to the convenience of online shopping.


As you may have already know, one product that works for another, might not work as well for you. And then, there comes the clean trend whereby people began paying more attention to what their skin use. This trend piqued a rise in the natural and organic skincare industry. Now, if you are into natural skincare, you would know what kind of ingredients benefit you and the environment (for the green souls). However, do you read all the ingredients on that tiny label on the back of the product?


When you are shopping for natural products, ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. Are you paying for what it’s really worth?
  2. Are you paying for what you think it is?


First of all, natural ingredients to go into a bottle of serum or cream is NOT cheap. I believed I must have mentioned it before.

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3 Signs that a ‘natural’ product may not be THAT natural.


1. Product is too cheap

Natural ingredients and plant extracts ain’t cheap since you will need a lot of it in a bottle. As the demand gets higher, we will naturally face higher price. Crops are depleting faster than we can produce.


2. You don’t get to see the full ingredients list

This tends to happen if the brand only has online store. They might not state the full ingredients list so as not to counter their own claims.


3. Strong marketing claim of “10 Active Ingredients” for example

If the brand isn’t doing 100% natural product but wants to use the word “natural” to attract consumers, they most likely will emphasize heavily on the key active ingredients. Anyway if ONE ingredient among the list of 10 is natural, they can call it natural!


Let’s be smarter consumers, smarter users together. 😉


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