Higher Chance of Getting Blog Posts Featured by Brands

To be honest, I really didn’t know that the way I write could affect my chance and possibility of getting featured until I am a brand person myself. It is crucial to do correct placement aka the “layout” of the content of the said review/article. Just to clarify first, I am no marketing or social media expert as compared to most other bloggers (in fact I’m pretty junior and do more seemingly administrative work than ABL marketing), I just want to share my two-cents worth here today.

As a marketing person, my way of picking reviews to feature on our various platforms or even print advertisement is based on:

  • Photos
    • if it’s usable or high-res enough to make it onto the marketing image or repost on IG
  • Real review/opinions
    • Content that would appear as real and appealing
  • Easily “copy and paste” content
    • Content that is relevant, and a nice 2-3 sentences that I can extract and feature on our brand pages.

Please don’t start going through my blog posts and see if I meet my own criteria ok hahaha!

Me as a blogger – Confession: Like what I said to my friends, I blog more “boliao’ stuff because I already have to generate quite a bit of content for brand’s blog. And I also admit that I haven’t been taking high quality photos. Almost all my posts in the last 2-3 years are all photos from my mobile.

Me as a blogger – Reflection: In order to increase my chances at having my posts or reviews featured, I will put in efforts in taking nicer photos with a camera and not a mobile phone. Actually mobile phones photos not that bad UNLESS under dim lighting then it will become grainy. Well, I will definitely improve! In fact, I’m getting a new camera next month! Also, more regular postings with real content!

(ps: Will be doing a giveaway in the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year! So please keep a lookout on this blog or my IG!)

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