Why I am Careful in Choosing My Sun Protection Product

Not all UV filters are safe and/or effective! All I knew was as long as I apply my filters religiously – be it chemical or physical ones, I was safe. I was so disciplined that I applied even when I worked from home.

I’ve reviewed countless sun protection products and each time I wrote, I focused on the benefits the brand stated. I wasn’t set on checking the ingredients since I never studied them before. Anyway, who would know that a bad ingredient can actually cause more sun spots than protect from it? Who would know that a baby-friendly brand would sell products that contained cancer-causing chemicals since they are known as ‘no more tears’? (I’m sure there was plenty of tears after those news)

Last year, I started using Sunday Morning “coco de vanilla” (high protection) sunblock from bSoul. I haven’t really talk about this product on the blog before but I did mention it this my Bali Water Rafting post. I’ve never gotten new spots or sunburns ever since I started using this when I go for outdoor activities! Not to mention, the scent is wonderful!

Sunscreen 600 x 600px-01

Why I choose Sunday Morning by bSoul sunblock?

  • Contains both UVA & UVB filters
  • Blocks out harmful UVA with organic photo-stable ingredients
  • NOT irritating to skin and eyes
  • NOT phototoxic
  • NOT acute toxicity (no dose depending effect), no accumulation toxicity (dose depending effect).
  • NOT mutagenic
  • NOT teratogenic

Read more on bsoul blog here.

Enjoy the sun, but take care of the skin! If you will get tanned, you will even with sunblock, so please avoid risking your skin by using sun-care or tanning products with barely-there protection and bad ingredients! I love a nice bronzy tan too but skin first!

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