NOM Cafe: Must Try The Frozen Beer!

It was a blessing to be able to check out NOM cafe on a work day for lunch. Even if it means spending way more than what we usually will spend on industrial area canteen food, we were more than willing to get away from Ubi and eat in an air-conditioned place once in a while.


Image taken from NOM’s facebook

What does NOM cafe means? Where you come and nom-nom? Well, it actually means “no other meaning”.   CIMG1008

The all-day happy hour promo with the encouragement of the hot weather, got us to ordering 2 small pints of FROZEN KIRIN BEER. It was definitely heavenly as I nom-ed into the frozen foam and gulped the ice cold beer. For a few moments, it surely didn’t feel like a weekday afternoon.


Ordered rosti with pork sausage but we had it changed to egg instead because we didn’t wanna eat meat. We also asked for the rosti to be prepared less oily and more crispy. The dishes were served quickly with a small portion of greens at the side, complete with sour cream and chilli sauce.


I didn’t finish the entire portion. I just felt I had enough of “fried” stuff. (Not a fan of oily stuff) The rosti was one of the better ones I had recently though!


Colleague also ordered nachos, which came way too late and we had to get them to pack it to bring back to office.

At $9.90, the portion of the nachos is really big. Good for sharing, but not recommended after rosti since I already feel ‘gelat’. The nachos are also something we didn’t expect. As it was served immediately after they were done with preparing, the oil hadn’t dry up enough to give that crispiness to this pizza-prata.

The other colleagues had a try in the office and they like it with the generous different sauces. Will definitely come back for the frozen beer and try out other food next time!

 photo CIMG1014_zpsi3nm6yro.jpg

Address: 400 Paya Lebar Way, Macpherson Community Club Level 1, Singapore 379131

Monday to Sunday: 11am-11pm

Closed every first Tuesday of the month

Tel: +65 6747 3839

Check out their website.


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