Kiki The Bunny Cat

Do you ever wonder what will your cat says to you? I always do. I wonder about so many things and if I understand Kiki’s language, I wonder if I would be hurt from the stuff he says? Things that we thought are funny and cute, will he be thinking the same? His soft girly-like meowing, is it as what we interpreted? Either ways, I hope in no way he thinks we are being ‘nasty’ just because I put a pair of bunny ears on him.


Kiki: “I can deal with this. I can.”

My little-but-not-really-little big-small eyes tiger playing the cool look.


For a moment, he thought he lost his own ears and started pushing the back of his head against J’s face so that he can try to feel his ears.


Slumps down in relief after realizing his ears still with him


Kiki: “Did I even say I like pink? it’s so gu-niang!” Me: “but… but… you are!”

Ahaha… omg why is he so cute! That night as I slept, I opened my eyes to see Kiki’s face right in front of mine. Not sure is he planning some kind of revenge?

Watch the video below! He did sound like he was resigned to fate hahaha!


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