I Customized My Cap!

I love caps and often use it to dress up an overly-casual outfit as well as cover up my messy hair, other than for sports use. At times, it takes me a fair bit of time to fall in love with one, decides the probability of matching it against xx number of outfits, to the chances that I may get seen wearing the same design with someone else.


I had always wanted something different and unique. I thought of customizing one but then a single order is a waste of time & money. Then I came across Xinyi’s post and I thought why not try to find out how much it would cost me? I pm-ed Adrian and after he informed me the quote we proceeded to select the kind of cap, color and he started doing up the designs mock-ups to show me.

cap watermarked

The finished product is a simple black baseball cap with the embroidery of my new blog logo and page cover done by my dear bff. I love it so much! And the cat is just like Kiki, and my family and old friends call me ‘Cat’, thus this is a sweet relevance!

The price of the customized caps (yes, I did one for J too) are very pocket-friendly! Although the shipping fee costs more than 1 cap ($22 from LA to SG), my caps cost $26 each which is still affordable!


Check out both the designs and @embroidery_kid on IG!

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