I’ll Never Ever Get a Zipper Sports Bra Again!

I am a huge Qoo10 shopper but recently I had an unusually disappointing purchase! I bought a grey front-zipper sports bra from this seller and I was just falling in love with this piece for its support and good material


Unfortunately the happiness was short-lived.

Initially, I was still telling my friend jokingly about how I’m not quite used to zip up the bust area since all my other sports bras are worn over the head. I’ve never even tried wearing any front-hook/clip kinda bras because I didn’t and still don’t think they will be comfortable.

As I struggled through my first attempt, I thought to myself “Ahaha, machiam my in front very big sia… cannot zip easily leh“. So, this kind of front-zip bra actually can push the boobs together if they have decided to live a bit further apart! Wow, wear sports bra also can have cleavage!!


The 2nd time was a breeze already and I really thought I had it all under my control, until the moment I was trying to take it off…



The zipper simply burst open as though a female hulk had evolved.

I was truly sad and reflected for a few moments if it was because I was a cheapo buying cheap stuff that of course wouldn’t last or that front zippers are never meant to be for people with boobs (be it man or woman).

Either way, I know I’ll definitely not try to buy one again!

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