I Made Sales with My Overnight Oats!

I cannot believe that my food is actually ‘sellable’! A few of my colleagues had a go at my overnight oats few weeks ago and since I was making it again almost on a weekly basis, I checked if anyone wanted to order it from me. I was surprised I had quite some orders after I sent out a mini menu! Thank you for your support! (Although I feel I am just providing healthier breakfast solution at a low cost lol!)

1. Strawberry Yogurt topped with Maple Pecan Granola
2. Blueberries Yogurt topped with Maple Pecan Granola
3. Blueberries Banana topped with Maple Pecan Granola
4. Red Dragonfruit topped with Maple Pecan Granola
5. Grapes topped with Maple or Chocolate Pecan Granola
6. Chocolate Banana with Chocolate Pecan Granola  *Not recommended for slimming diet lol


All the overnight oats contain generous serving of fruits and chiaseeds that is evenly mixed into the oats + yogurt & milk. Read this post to know why am I eating overnight oats and chiaseeds!

I enjoy bottling oats in the Mason jars and the only improvement I can think of is cutting the fruits only when I am going to eat so that the fruits are fresher… and also I need to make my oats more instagram-worthy because what the camera loves eating will boost my appetite! Example: 2-Tone Soymilk Yogurt & Chocolate Berries Overnight Oats

I can’t wait to make my salads and try out other recipes too! Jar meals are just so convenient!

IMG_5479 IMG_5480

Strawberry Yogurt Oats

I added an extra pure yogurt layer in it as I find it even easier to eat since it’s more ‘moist’.


Mixed Fruits Oats topped with granola

I adore granola as it adds a flavorful crunch to the soft creamy oatmeal. Some people asked me if I get sick from eating overnight oats for 3-5 days a week for breakfast or/and lunch. To be honest, I might get sick of it if it isn’t for the different kind of fruits I play around with. At times, I still crave for unhealthy food but it’s all within the mind. As the body gets used to healthier eating and lifestyle, it will crave lesser or not at all.

One thing about my attempts at eating cleaner is: I am not obsessed with losing weight. I don’t starve myself or get paranoid if I put on a kg. All I want is to know is that I have made efforts for my health and body and if my abs happen, I will thank myself for it! HAHAHA. If I am eating healthy and working out but I am still not as skinny as before, or as slim as people think I should be,… well too bad. It’s my body and I am learning to accept it no matter what and I think I am fine now. Better if my muscles can be more defined 😉

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