White Water Rafting in Bali

I took my 1st Bali trip easy and therefore we only had a single water activity planned, which is the White Water Rafting. On the 3rd day, we had booked a driver for the whole day. Kadek (Surya Bali Tour) picked us up at 9am and sent Winnie & I to Graha Adventure in Ubud for the Ayung River Rafting, while the rest of them headed off for massage and endless food.

 photo IMG_5375_zps3ejmfx77.jpg

On their website, it was stated that the rafting trip will take roughly 2 hours and at the end of the trip, lunch is provided. Price per adult is US$69.00 but Winnie and I paid $30+ each? We attributed the discount to our Balinese driver. 😉


I applied lots of my BS natural sunscreen and I was glad I did because we need to take their 5-10 minutes pick-up lorry transport and walking and getting down to the river will take up another 15-20 minutes.


Recommended attire: shorts or swimming gear/T-shirt (Change of clothing as you will get wet), Sport shoes/sandal

I simply wore my sports top with sports bra + beach shorts with no change of clothes as I expected to dry off fast under the hot sun. (Kinda regret as I was fully dried and was exposed to wind after that). See that purple landyard pouch I was wearing? It’s waterproof – for our phones! So pardon me when the photos you see later are blurry/misty.


Geared to set off! *Ignored the nagging thought of how many people has worn the very helmet & life vest I was wearing*


……. No photos of the journey getting down to the river because I was struggling to get down the high steps and my hands and feet were sweating so so so badly (I MUST wear my running shoes next time!)……

*BREATHLESS* Totally blaming myself for NOT training hard enough ;-(


By the time I reached the river, my knees were shaky and weak ahahaha.


Finally onboard after a quick training! Wearing shades because I couldn’t afford for water to get into my eyes and contaminate my contact lenses.


Looking like a professional rafter. ;-p



While waiting to get drenched under the waterfall


Thanks to our instructor for offering to take so many photos for us! He even made us swim and recorded a video lol.


Erm… holding some stranger girl’s hand because we were struggling to walk against the current to get to our group. Got spotted by bff, so might as well strike a pose. ;-p



Break point   IMG_5392

It was near end of the journey already and my arms were feeling the soft shiok aching! So in love with the nature!


Not so much love for the steps. This uncle walking down photobombed nicely. All the locals were looking and smiling at us in sympathy as our faces showed so much torture. I was thinking aloud to us: “How did the old people in the families get back up? What if they feel too tired to climb? Where’s the helicopter?!”


Our instructor jokingly lied to us that there was a helicopter waiting for us in front. The “in front” never happened of course, and I was the first in our group to reach the top! This is celebration worthy! OMG achievement unlocked!!

We were transported back to the main area to wash up and have lunch.


There was a few dogs nearby, drooling and eyeing our lunch badly. I felt so bad for him so I threw him a piece of food.


Thank you my rafting kaki! So gonna do this again! I wanna try the ATV Ride in future too!

Read the review on the private villa we stayed in.

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