Public Free Clinic Society

Established in 1974, Public hospital provides and encourages the provision of free Chinese medical services. They are now a charitable institution directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health (IPC).


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I started visiting the Public Free Clinic in Tampines (which I have known as 大众医院) in my secondary school days to treat my internal health, immune system and sweaty palms issues. The fees was charged based on a free-will donation system, which they later changed it to a fixed rate of $2 registration and free consultation fee. The Chinese medication is also very pocket-friendly and thus, attracted many people, especially the old-age. Of course, all these services provided to the needy patients would not be made possible without the continued generous and selfless donations from the public.


The waiting area is spacious and is equipped with a television to keep the waiting less boring. If I am not wrong, their opening hours are from Mondays-Fridays 10am – 12noon, 2pm – 5pm, 7pm – 9.30pm and Saturdays 10am – 5pm. (Please call to check for exact timings)

Thanks to Mom for exposing me to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and treatments in my early age, I grow up seeking a more holistic and natural approach to life. I try not to take western medicine if I am not very sick or require the western technologies, and treat my body from the inside out instead. Of course, some western doctors strongly disagree with TCM, but I believe in having more opinions and that TCM can help me.


Few months ago, I sprained my neck and shoulder during sleep. It was so bad until I couldn’t move my head and neck. I went to Public Free Clinic for acupuncture + heat lamp and my mobility returned by a good 70%!

Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese practice of inserting needles in specific points on the body to manipulate the flow of energy or ‘qi’.

(note: not everyone needs Acupuncture though. some are only prescribed medicines just like you would at a regular GP)


My receipt

As stated, registration costs me only $2, $3 for acupuncture and $9.20 for all my medication. This is why I can afford to regularly go back to improve or maintain my health.


Public Free Clinic is located just opposite the overhead bridge of Tampines MRT Station & Tampines 1 Mall.

Address: Tampines Branch
Blk 245 Tampines Street 21 #01-329 S(521245)

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