Airbnb Villa in Bali: Sunset Villa

I recently came back from a fantastic Bali trip with the partner and 3 friends! We stayed in this 3-bedroom Sunset Villa in Seminyak that we booked via Airbnb app. We initially had a tough time deciding where to book because many of the private villas are so beautifully decorated! I insisted to stay in a private villa with a swimming pool instead of resorts because… well, private pool! The moment we saw this villa, all 5 of us already 80% wanted this already even though it may not be the most beautiful one. Why? Scroll down to find out. 😉

 photo IMG_5268_zpsswqiid7h.jpg

Situated right at the long of this alley, away from noises. Except for the dogs in some house that kept barking at us.


Our home for the next 4 days 3 nights!

 photo IMG_5270_zps9p2du5be.jpg

The villa is very spacious -built on an area of 400 square meters. It offers rooms with king-size bed and a private bathroom.


A very comfortable couch/chill out area facing the pool.

 photo IMG_5273_zpsuxs1ztfn.jpg

A pool that’s just nice for all of us. Most of it is shaded from the sun so it’s great for those who didn’t like to get sunburnt or too tanned.


THIS is why we just have to book this villa!

A pool table in the living area! Our entertainment is more or less covered! Whee!


Bff doesn’t even play pool but she started picking this game up during our stay here 😉

IMG_5279 IMG_5280

Play some music while chilling out or over some games!


Dining table great for 6.


There is even a water dispenser to keep ourselves adequately hydrated throughout. The kitchen includes everything you need in order to be able to feel at home.


We even did some light cooking in the kitchen.


Our last day breakfast by Winnie. #yummy


The bed that drowned me in sleep every night there lol. I slept like a baby!


Because we were so entertained, we didn’t even watch TV.


My room has the biggest bathroom! The rainshower is behind the pillar. Not a fan of bathtubs and especially when this bathtub needs some serious scrubbing/cleaning.



The outdoor bathroom concept brought me closer to nature, flies and lizards. AHAHAHA.

The only complaint that we have is the water flow (made me took a longer time to shower) and the bed bugs. 3 of us gotten bed bugs bites and mine was the worst. I am still recovering from it. ;(


Winnie brought a float and Lennon gave it some serious CPR!



My 11th pisces bestie and I enjoying the sun and the water.

I can be in the water the entire day!

IMG_5301   IMG_5521

Not forgetting my “hairstylist” job!

Let me sum up the review of this Sunset Villa.

We like the villa for:

  • Spaciousness
  • The daily cleaning service
  • The pool table
  • Private pool
  • The friendly and helpful host
  • The price (we booked it at SGD$180 per night only!)

What needs to be improved:

  • Cleaner/sterilized bed mattress
  • Lighting around the pool area so that night swimming is possible
  • The chipped off step in the swimming pool
  • Replacement of some utensils

Click here for the villa listing on airbnb.


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