Happy Mummy’s Day!

To my greatest Mama, any day, every day is Mothers’ Day to her as long as her children are well, happy and spend time with her.

With the busy working pace in Singapore, some of us might find it hard to spend alot of time with their family, but I believe it’s a matter of our CHOICE. I tend to tell myself to do more for the family whenever I can, if I can. I try my best and like what Mom has instilled in us, we value the importance of harmony. It’s God’s plan to make us one family, and if we don’t start being nice to the ones around us, how else can we be nice to the people out there?


Mom said this pic looks like 征婚照 (asking for marriage notice) AHAHAHA

My friend’s Mom was making this roses paper bouquet and I thought it really looks cute so I ordered one for Mom too! We always find fresh flowers a waste of money and it’s even more wasteful when I don’t even know how to take care of real flowers.


Mom & her “4th daughter” aka the helper


MOF for lunch on Saturday!


All of us in the family has a weird sense of humor and the tendencies to play small pranks haha.


Sometimes people ask me, “where’s your Mom in the photo?”. Well, you all better not point me!

Sashimi for starter


Beef Hot Stone Rice. I wish they have something less meaty though.


Mom’s Spicy Seafood Ramen


Clams and Scallops Pasta for sis. She can eat pastas every.single.day. #jiakgangtang


The most awful dessert I ever had. I hate matcha flavored stuff (but I love drinking jap green tea) but we still tried to try this.

Sis & my face were in agony…But Mom managed to polish it all off!


Even the baby at the next table were impressed! *Jaw-dropped*

We love you, Mom!

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