Kaki Kaki Reflexology 养身之道

Kaki Kaki Reflexology 养身之道I absolutely love TCM and the amazing logic of treating a certain part of the body for another part of the body. These days, I’ve been going to TCM wellness providers to treat my spinal, neck and shoulders issues. The Chinese public clinic near my house is pretty good for an overall maintenance or for cheap, subsidised acupuncture which is less than $5. MTM Therapy & TCM massage is my favourite as it unblock the meridians and improve the flow of the ‘qi’.

The term “no pain no gain” is true to its saying. Do take note that not all pain is all gain. I’ve been to massage places with inexperienced therapists who caused me ALOT of pain because they pressed at the wrong places – example: their elbows to my spine. Tell me, who won’t feel pain? And of course in this case, this ‘pain’ is not the good pain. In TCM, pain symbolizes a blockage or problems in the specific area; and as they work to relieve that problem, pain becomes a reflection or a ‘recovery reaction’.


So the other day after the visit to The Larder Cafe, we passed by a few reflexology places. Among so many providers in the heart of Toa Payoh, Kaki Kaki Reflexology 养身之道 caught our attention with its beautiful interior and extended opening hours until 2am.

The price is also pretty attractive. 2 of us did a 30-mins back massage at $30, while the other 2 did a 1 hour foot & back massage at $50.


The orange towel-laid seats are not the normal foot reflex chair. It can be let down fully to turn into a massage bed, with a hole for the face while lying down! There are also curtains to be drawn for privacy.

Even though I only did 30mins back, the therapist (lady with short hair in the bottom right of photo above) fully utilized and released all the bad tension in my body. Initially I was aching so much but as she worked her hands through me, the pain that I was suffering from slowly turned into a dull ache. I was almost drawn into sleep (so worried that I might start snoring seriously) and was a little sad when the 30mins was up. Then as the other 2 of our group got started and enjoying their 1-hour massage, I stared at them enviously, wishing that I have another hour too. (They did not have enough manpower for all of us at the same time, that’s why)


To the boss of Kaki Kaki Reflexology 养身之道:

Can you please open one branch in Tampines so that during the nights when I can’t sleep, I can just go for my massage? I promise I’ll jio my friends along so that your business prosper! Hahaa


Address: Blk 177, Toa Payoh Central #01-152 Singapore 310177
Tel: 6259 9122
Opening hours: 11.00am – 2.00am


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