Beauty Buys on Althea

The best advertising a brand can have other than beautiful or cute packaging is by sharing and word-of-mouth. I saw from Melva‘s Facebook post on this BB Cushion cosmetic product and I immediately checked out Althea as I happened to be looking for one.


All I wanted was ONE product… but look at what I bought altogether!


Selfie Awesome Gel liner (Pearl Black), $10

Works like a pencil liner, but glides on easier. There is a brush at the other end of the stick to blend or smudge the color out. Prime the eyelids or apply some eyeshadow so that it can hold better.


Selfie Perfect Eyebrow (Grey Brown), $5.50

Fill the brows with light, gentle strokes or give it some definition. I use some brow powder so that the color doesn’t slip off after I perspire or produce too much sebum.

Still prefer the Brow Lash EX for the pencil tip that’s not greasy and the brush tip for the natural definition. ($19.90)


Banhana Mascara (Sweet Volume), $11

This mascara is so cutesy-looking! What I like about it is that the brush does not picks up too much of the product at one time, hence reducing clumps or smudging from the tip. (Refer to photo below)


W-Honey Beam Cushion (Color #23), $25

We all know about the craze for BB Cushion and yes, I’m kinda slow but I finally try one out! I didn’t want to buy it at first as I’m looking for a natural/organic one. Since it is not expensive, I thought, well… why not?

This product dispenses via the sponge filter easily but not overly, as long as I control my pressure. Application is a breeze and it’s very moisturizing, giving a bright look to the skin. A pity that I can’t have it alone in our climate without looking like a grease mess, so I will brush a light layer of powder over it to mattify the whole look.

I limit the usage of this product because it tends to cause the formation of tiny pustules and comedones on my skin – around nose, upper lip and chin area.


Here’s a look put together with the products above!


CP-1 Scalp Soothing Injection, $2.50 (offer price)

A soothing gel-like serum for sensitive scalp. It contains herb extracts to cleanse scalp and nourish hair. My scalp had been itching due to stress and this product stops my itch effectively. After applying, it gives a minty, cooling sensation. Controls me from scratching! My scalp seems much better after a few days of using this.


Lip tint sample that I have not yet try.

So yeah, all I wanted to buy was just a BB Cushion but… 😉


  1. Hello Im from Australia. I have some vegan botanical products that are pure safe and great for the whole family. Botanical shampoos conditioners baby products cosmetics and much more. I can send you samples.
    Regards Eve



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