Snoopy Run Singapore 2016

SnoopyRun – Sunday, 24 April 2016 at Singapore Sports Hub.

It’s my first run ever and I was really excited to be participating in this peanuts gang theme run! I’ve gotten some tickets from the organizer, hence I decided to go for a walk with the sister and friends. We woke up extremely early on a weekend, never mind the fact that we were the last wave of runners. ;-p



Nearly 10,000 people turned up for SnoopyRun and some were seen decked out in furry wear and plush toys. At this point, we decided to just walk since it felt like just a leisure event.


Run with friends! Unfortunately, due to some last minute circumstances, my dear Melva had to start first without us. ;-(


A photo of my cute Snoopy-bu


At the starting line, Snoopy, Charlie Brown & Lucy took turns to cheer the participants.


Lucy’s skirt seemed a little too short for her lol     IMG_5187

There were a number of photo opportunities which we didn’t manage to take because the queues were really long. The sky had been cloudy from the start so we didn’t want to risk getting drenched and hurried along.


The route seemed shorter than my usual 5km walks.




IMG_5196 IMG_5177

A lucky draw with attractive prizes sent the Snoopy fans into a craze!


That explained Lucy’s empty lemonade stand. ;-D

IMG_5198No photo chances? Head to Kallang Leisure Mall for a pic at this Snoopy kiddy ride! Haha!

Overall, I enjoyed my Sunday morning. It has been a long time since I wake up so early to do something healthy! Definitely will try it again!

(ps: Happy Birthday to the sister!)

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