The Larder Cafe

The Larder Cafe has been opened in the heart of Toa Payoh from February 2016. The thing about this cafe is that it serves delish food that actually make us full and happy without burning a hole in our pockets; desserts to satisfy that sweet-but-dislike-too-sweet tooth! It has been some time since we cafe-hop like the youngsters, and since J – someone who dislike having cakes for teabreaks asked for a cafe trip, we enthusiastically cabbed down to meet the other two there!



Simple with modern, quirk touches. The lighting is perfect for a good chill-out, but not for the camera. ;-p


Baked Escargots – $8

We love escargots so much that we just had to order this. The first mouthful made me realized how salty other places make this dish!


The Dowager’s Fingers – $10

Crispy prawn wonton & arugula served with honey sesame mayo dip.

I was telling J that I don’t want fried stuff but I was glad she ordered anyway! We all love this! The thin wonton skin with fresh prawn paste is a great combination with the dip!


Crispy Hot Wings – $10

Very crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside.


Octopus Salad – $12

Romaine lettuce and roasted sesame sauce are both J & my favorite! The cafe had been generous with the size of the octopus slices. This is something I would order for just myself if I plan for something filling but not too full.


Linguini Vongole – $14

This is an okie dish. The sauce is good but would be even better if the clams were fresher. (Makes mental note to try the Duck Confit out the next time!)


Pan Seared Seabass – $16

Seabass fillet on mashed potatoes, greens and salsa verde.

The not-a-fish-person (J) ordered this. Seabass is probably the only fish she likes to eat and she particularly ordered it because of the herb sauce. It’s not something that my tastebuds usually crave for though.


Chicken Linguini – $13

Tomato base lovers will appreciate the portion at this price! I tried 2 mouthfuls and it’s not too bad even though I hardly eat “sweet” & non-spicy pasta.

 photo IMG_5039_zpscwsasesf.jpgBBQ Pork Rib – $16

B who had this was full of praises for it! All of us had a bite and agreed it’s pretty good. The pork ribs were so tender even though it has been put through some good fire, and we couldn’t stop stealing fries from him too!


Rainbow Cake – $5.50 or $6.50? (Can’t remember)

Perhaps I have had taller rainbow cakes or was this a little flatter? The cake is not overly-sweet which is good since I love cakes and I’m on a diet. Haha. However, there is something about the taste which I can’t point a finger to.


Blueberry Cheesecake -$5.50 or $6.50? (Can’t remember)

Did I say I am dieting? Make that a ‘was’. C & I shared this and I polished off 3/4 of it.


Overall, it has been a good experience at The Larder Cafe. We will be back for sure as the food quality is pretty decent. We are hoping to see more new stuff on their menu!


Address: Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-124, Singapore 310177

Operating hours: Tue – Sun,11.00am – 11.00pm (Closed on Mon)

Tel: 6253 8382


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