Taobao via SKYCART Mobile App!

Taobao-on-the-Go via Skycart has never been easier! If you haven’t explored, Skycart is your personal shopper for Taobao – a Chinese website for online shopping similar to eBay and Amazon.

The reason why I choose to use a third party instead of shopping directly via Taobao is because:

  1.  I shop easier on English sites
  2.  Lesser risk of purchases going missing
  3.  Having someone at the backend to answer any doubts or questions is more assuring
  4.  Price comparing available
  5.  Assistance in sourcing for cheaper alternatives (Read my post)

All these are made even more convenient now because Skycart has launched the mobile app on Android or IOS!


Homepage of the mobile app features the hand-picked catalog of the best items on Taobao, at no shipping cost! Also, they carry Korea beauty products!

Since I didn’t manage to replenish my makeup items during my recent Taiwan trip, I decided to order it online via Skycart!


So what did I purchase?



You probably might think… “What? It’s all from Etude House? Why don’t you get it from the store?!”

Well, the reason being… I hardly shop physically! Every time I walk into the store, I have no idea what to buy. Or after dinner, the stores will be closing already so I tend to go get my essential items first.

I really am quite an online-shopper so I find sites and apps like this very useful to me. Previously I was looking for some bikini and the one I found on Taobao was a little too much that what I think I should be able to get. I “chatted” skycart’s friendly online customer service up and they helped me to find an alternative at almost half the price! Talk about service!

Go download Skycart app on Android or IOS and experience it yourself! Happy e-shopping!

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