Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue

I’m sorry the Daiso wipes that I was so infatuated with has got to make way for this champion! I was in search of good makeup removal wipes that’s as natural as possible yet with a good price factor and I found it! The women in my house are all using this Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue now! I swear it’s much better than the other very popular brands out there!


120 Sheets x 3packs + 20 Sheets X 2 Packs = 400 Sheets in total for only $17.90 + $3.70 delivery

And I ordered 2 sets muhahaha. Each 120 sheets pack is less around $6, and I assumed the smaller packs are free.

Can you imagine how shocked I was when I received this? My purchase came in 2 cartons, I thought perhaps I ordered some exercise equipment and forgot. ;-p


If I am using these alone – presuming I use 1 sheet every day… these would last me more than 13 months!


I was mainly attracted to this product by the ingredients though! Since I am on natural skincare for 2 years and counting, it’s important that I try to use any products that are relatively natural too so as to upkeep and maintain the efforts I did for my skin. Of course, for makeup products it’s not as common or I have to pay a high price for the good, natural ones.

The group of people that I’ve gotten to use this Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue are:

  1. Mom
  2. Sisters
  3. Jesz
  4. Jesz’ sister
  5. and of course, myself

All the feedback have been very good.

What I love about this wipes:

It doesn’t “sting” or irritate my eyes/skin. No dryness or redness after wiping and it cleanses very well! No chemical smell nor overly-strong fragrance. Wipes stay moist even though I have opened it for more than a month. This is extremely value for money and I will definitely restock!

(ps: I paid for these. It’s not a sponsored review.)


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