Exclusive Articles on MFP!


Do you experience emptiness on the social media recently like me? Many good blogs that I have been reading for years stop updating regularly. Each time I go to those blogs, I am sad that it’s the same post months ago that I have already read and maybe re-read. Some of them even stopped blogging. ;-(

I need to read, I want to read – be it professional posts or even daily lives updates! Women need a little gossip once in a while too! Anyway, if you don’t know yet.. MFP (myfatpocket.com) has introduced a new category on their site for some time already! It’s called “Members Lounge”.

members louge

Inside, you will see many articles by all the resident and guest bloggers. These articles are not published on our blogs so it’s really exclusive! We write anything and a lot of very personal stuff that you might not even get to read on our blogs!

All you need to do is to sign up o login using your facebook account and you will have access to all the postings!

bloggers articles

Some of the articles that I’ve written:

Please continue to support us by reading! 😉


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