The Cat’s Awful Sleeping Pose

Have you seen the sharing on some cat in Japan that was crowned with The world’s ugliest sleeping face? Somehow, it reminded me of Kiki haha. I immediately started to collect some photo evidence and it didn’t even take me long! 2 days was all I need. *claps*


You thought he looks really cute sleeping, but are you really sure?


Even while he’s asleep, he ROLLS his eyes SO MUCH. Just like me rolling eyes when I hear stupid things coming out from intelligent people’s mouths. ;-p


I tucked him under the blanket (we had the air-con on & it was a little chilly) and while I was going gaga over how cute he looked… he opened his eyes slightly and slowly…. then gave a loud gagging yawn. *bubble burst* He got up, smirked and walked off.


Before you forget how normal and cute Kiki is, you can have a look at the photos when I blogged about him turning one! 😉


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