Paul & Joe Limited Edition Cosmetics Travel Kit

I am not an easy target of temptation, luxurious materials nor girly stuff. Or so I thought.

While travelling with TigerAir not long ago, I browsed through the inflight shopping catalogue, my eyes were fixated on the Paul & Joe cosmetic travel set that includes a small cute and gorgeous eyeshadow + blush box & a lipstick. I recalled coming across the brand on a magazine just some days back and I remembered the price is quite affordable. I took a liking for the beautiful animal and nature prints instantly. My eyes then travelled to check out how much were they selling it for… SGD$103. *flips page* The lust lasted for 10 seconds, may 20 at most.


An hour later…

I did not purchase it. I thought I made sure not to let the gf notice me looking at the set for too long so that she doesn’t buy me things impulsively. My nonchalant acting skills must have failed me.


I opened the packaging and marvelled at it while at the same time not forgetting to nag at J for wasting money. 5 minutes later, the heartache kicked in, thinking about how little I use cosmetics these days. ;-D

I was sold after I unveiled the products. The textures are great and easy to apply!


I use this as eyeshadows and blush (pink) too.


The lipstick bullet has nice carving on it as well. What a happy gift! Thank you, love!


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