PantiePads: 2-in-1 Pantie & Sanitary Pad 

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Not sure if any other girls/women have the same experience as me…but I just simply cannot go about with my day-to-day routine in a sanitary pad. When I was still schooling, ever single time I had my time of the month and was in a pad, Mom would be very fast to point out – that I was waddling like a duck or penguin. Damn, if it was THAT OBVIOUS, didn’t the whole world knew too?!

I rely heavily on tampons since year 2005 after “intensive” training. The first attempt had me pulled the string and threw it away because I didn’t push it (the tampon bullet) in enough, hence, when I stood up from the squat toilet, it just felt… very uncomfortable. After I got the hang of it, I swear I LIVE BY TAMPONS. Tampons made me feel like I didn’t have menses.

Some time ago, I read about the side effects of tampons. You can try googling it or read it here. That got me a little worried, especially when 2 years ago, I was down with kidney infection and since then, bacteria loves me. I didn’t want to risk my health so I started trying to use pads to alternate and lessen my tampon usage. One weird thing that I found out ever since I tried to use sanitary pads again is: I hardly bleed on the pad, even when it’s just my first two days of period (which is usually very heavy). That means, somehow, the blood only flow when I pee. I am not sure if there is something wrong with my body or I am mentally disallowing blood to be out of my body. This is something I need to fix.

Anyway, I chanced upon Pantiepads ad on Facebook. After reading through the product information, I decided to get it and try!


What is PantiePads?

The only disposable period underwear that use a unique technology to keep you feeling fresh and confident. They look and feel as soft, stylish and comfortable as your regular panties, but come with a built-in menstrual pad. The super-absorbent, extra-long pad is part of the integral design and shaped to prevent leaks from side to side and back to front. The pad doesn’t bunch up, won’t slide or slip, stays where it should no matter how you move during the day or if you toss and turn at night.

This new concept in feminine hygiene provides safe, fresh, all-in-one, leakproof protection for up to 12 hours. You can wear them on your heaviest period days, when there’s just no time for frequent changes, or all night long, during pregnancy and postpartum, and while traveling. Discreet Toss ‘N’ Go Bags are included and make disposal easy and efficient.

  • Unique patented pad for maximum absorbency
  • All day Leakage protection
  • Pad stays in place to prevent bunching
  • Advanced technology to fight odors
  • Extra long pad for maximum coverage
  • Panties made of breathable fabric designed for a comfortable, secure fit
  • Toss ‘n’ Go bag for discreet, convenient disposal
  • Ideal for use during menstrual cycle, menopause, pregnancy and postpartum, for mild incontinence, and when traveling
  • All-in-One convenience


Packaging and convenience (Pantiepad)

When the products reached me, I was a little surprised that a packet of 3 is quite a bulky packet. Each panty is individually packaged and in the package, there is 3 disposal bags. Simply slot it in the bag for easy disposal in public toilets. The pad promised up to 12 hours leak-proof protection, however, it might be wise to keep an extra piece in the bag just in case.


Price (Pantiepad)

$9/pack of 3 (inclusive of singpost normal postage to any Singapore address)

Some might think $3 for a panty/pad is a bit on the steep side, but think about this: you save on time and water to wash your own panty.

Comfort (Pantiepad)

I got myself size S but somehow it doesn’t fit my butt in the snuggly way I like. Being an anti-pad person in the past, I did not feel very comfortable in this Pantiepad. The pad is thick and long, and since the panty didn’t adhere very close to my body, I wore skinny jeans so that I won’t feel that it moved around much. I prefer to wear this at home though.

Jesz requested but Size M, but in the end, she used the size S one instead and the size is just nice for her. However, she mentioned that she felt like she was wearing a diaper. After we tried out for 2 days, we actually got more used to it. It wasn’t that bad afterall!

Comfort level: 2/5

What is UndiePads?

Sleek, chic, unique. Beautifully designed, soft as a caress, and made with a special spandex thread that hugs the body for a comfortable, curve-hugging fit.

Similar to the concept of Pantiepads, but more premium material is used for the manufacturing.


Packaging and convenience (Undiepad)

Each panty is individually packaged and in the package, there is 3 disposal bags. Even though I am not a fan of pink color, but this material is definitely more preferred by me and Jesz!


Price (Undiepad)

$14/pack of 3 (inclusive of singpost normal postage to any Singapore address)

Definitely considered a premium price. But I rather pay more for this if I want to use the disposable pad underwear. I might restock this if I am travelling during my period so that I don’t have to fuss around changing normal pads or tampons in public toilets.

Comfort (Undiepad)

I got Jesz and I size M to try and it fitted us perfectly. Although the pad is still thick (thicker than the laurier super thin ones we use) and long (I use 17 cm and 22.5cm only), but it was much more comfortable than the Pantiepad. I might restock on Size S to have a even better fit to feel more secure. 😉

Comfort level: 3.5/5


For more info or to purchase:


  1. Hi, thanks for your informative post! Actually both pads and tampons can risk yourself getting TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) due to their absorptive properties and tampons have a higher risk as it has a more direct contact. I have switched to Menstrual Cups for months now and I think its a great alternative for myself after practicing how to use it correctly. I think tampon users would be able to adapt to menstrual cups better as I transitioned from pads previously and it took me longer to get the hang of it. Have fun exploring the healthier and safer alternatives to solve our monthly woes 💞✨

    xoxo, Aldora
    Chiobucup Menstrual Cup Review



    1. Hi Aldora!
      Yes, I agree. I had read up about menstrual cup reviews before but I still have hesitations about using. My concerns are if it’s gonna take up time to sterilize and also what if I need to change in public toilet? I won’t be able to rinse it and put back in?
      Anyway, thanks for your informative review!



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