The Young at Heart Birthday Bash!

March is wonderful because I share the same birthday as my Bestie, cousin and BabyChia! And a few of my good friends’ birthdays are also in March! Although the title of the birthday celebration is kinda passé, I was so glad and blessed to have my friends and love ones with me!

We decided to keep the celebration to a small group over BBQ gathering at Winnie’s place. I’ve always love the BBQ area by the pool because it’s so windy that we don’t really perspire – something we appreciate in this hot weather!


Furkids joined us for the party too! You probably can’t tell, but BabyChia was really excited that he got to gai-gai 2 days in a row! The day before this BBQ, J & I brought him to a pet cafe in Katong to celebrate our birthdays!


This time, the furkids displayed tremendously different attitudes as compared to their last 2 times of “bonding”! BabyChia became so passive, while HeiBuddie transformed into an introvert!


BabyChia: “Hey friend, why don’t you wanna get down and play with me?


HeiBuddie: “Cos me no like you sniff sniff my ass! I’m a boy, you know!


Babychia turned away with tears in his eyes….


BabyChia: “This is so embarrassing.. Let me go hide…


Emo at the poolside is the best.. hahah


But all’s forgotten when the fragrance of food weaved through the air!


Thank you bff for the lovely rainbow cake!  IMG_4539 IMG_4541 IMG_4542



Mom came also! Because she had wanted to meet BabyChia so much! But of cos also because she wanted to celebrate for us too! Really appreciate the help from her and uncle with the food etc!


Thank you thank you for a meaningful birthday! (“v”)


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