Happy Birthday to BabyChia & I!


Happy 10th & 31st to BabyChia & I! Baby has officially entered senior age and me… auntie and no chance of turning back ahaha! Also, Happy 26th monthsary to my dearest J!

BabyChia was what I call him by. All along, he was only ‘Baby’. He was adopted by J’s family member when he was less than 4 years old. The previous owner lost his birth cert, and also couldn’t remember his d.o.b and thus no one exactly knew when to celebrate his birthday. 2 years ago, when I got together with J, she told me that BabyChia came to his new home in the month of March, hence she decided that his birthday shall be 11 march – same as me!

I fell in love with this dog instantly, and more as days went by. He is so tamest and sweetest dog I ever met! He greets me whenever I come through the front door… There was once I had a bad tummyache so I had to rush to the toilet first and BabyChia waited outside the toilet just so he can ‘greet’ me once I’m out! I simply felt the need to protect him, help take care of him, and also, create more fun and happiness for him. Whenever people see me, they will always think BabyChia is my own dog due to the regular photo postings! 😉


Since we both have the same birthday now, I decided to make it special for us! We took the day off and headed down to 3 Barks Cafe – a newly open pet cafe that serves both paw-parent and paw-kids food, and also a ‘playground’ for the pawkids! It’s located at 327 Joo Chiat Road, so it was pretty easy for us to get there by car. I booked Grabcar and made sure I indicated that there’s gonna be a dog in a carrier. (Dislike drivers who aggressively show their unhappiness about pets on board so it’s better to declare first)



We were very lucky there was no other patrons around that afternoon! It seemed like we had the place booked just for ourselves! Hehe!

It took BabyChia a good 20 minutes to warm up to a new place. See his sad look in this pic.. I think he was kinda worried that I was walking away without him.


We ordered the salmon meal for BabyChia!


Fish & Chips for the pawrents!



Totally sleepy before his meal arrived. He even got a little angry at us eating, thinking he has no food at all. LOL


A kiss will make things better.


Handsome boy giving the cool look!


Look at the pet food! Looks good! They even made sure it wasn’t too hot before serving!


Finally BabyChia felt ‘alive’! The power of food!


Om nom nom


My love, my happy pills


We headed up to the 2nd level after the food. They have this room with a few sofas + cute dog cushions which is available for booking for a pawkids gathering if you want!

(ps: No one showed me this place actually. Jesz & I intruded the room ourselves hahaha)


The 2nd level is packed with entertainment for the furkids! But BabyChia being the middle-age gentleman he is, hardly ever feels the need to PLAY. I was the over-enthu one, running here and there to get him excited. All he did was run around with me/ behind me, sniff sniff here and there that’s all.


Put him on the slide and he moved zero inch. AHAHAHA.

Later part, there was a female dog that got BabyChia really excited. He dumped me and J, and went stalking that dog, running behind her. The young lady was shy and came to me ‘begging’ for help. LOL *drama inserted*

Now we truly know what BabyChia’s preference of entertainment is!


We had a lovely 2 hours plus relaxing and exploring at 3 Barks Cafe. We will return another day with a few other doggy friends too!

Do check them out on Facebook. They post many photos and videos of their guests and little guests 😉


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