Meditrina Night 2016

It definitely feels like just a few months ago when I organized a 200-pax Partners Appreciation Dinner. This year, I was relieved of the chairman job but I didn’t manage to escape being part of the organizing 3-man committee that includes the chairman aka organizer. Work has been very tough because we were short of manpower, increasing workload on top of increased workload, and increased number of attendees who attended the dinner event. It’s a great thing for the company since that meant business and growth. I am truly happy that I witnessed this growth together with my great team. It’s just that…. we, behind the scenes really yearned for some concrete physical help.

Anyway, I just wanna post up some photos that our photographer took! It’s rare that I dressed up slightly, do proper makeup (but dark eye circles still very bad) and some messy hair-sprayed hair.

 photo 0002_zps7kd3quv2.jpg

We (6 of us – marketing, sales, trainers, admin and promoter) were all in a mad rush the moment we reached the hotel to do unloading and setup. Then we had to do our own makeup as well as rehearsals for an extremely last minute planned performance. We literally chose the Chinese new Year songs a week before, and finalized 2 days before the event date. I had sleepless nights for one whole week as I kept trying to memorize the lyrics. The songs never stop playing in my head. I am not accustomed to singing without looking at the screen so I naturally felt stressed out when I realized that I was one of the lead singers. At times, I thought to myself “Why am I subjecting myself to all these?”… But the fact is, when I joined this company, every part of me belongs to the company. I have to perform even though I REALLY DIDN’T WANT TO. Ok, rant over.

#PlsDontFindMeTrouble #IamJustaBloggerWithFeelings

 photo 0228_zpsznbpe4rj.jpg

The night started with the emcee welcoming and wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. We, boss & staff hid outside the entrance and made our GRAND entrance once the music started. LOL LOOK AT MY FACE. Because I know my blogger friends gonna judge me so I side-looked to check the “disgust” on their faces. ;-p

 photo 0230_zpsbcnlx6ui.jpg

You can check out the 10-sec video HERE, thanks to Julianna! And I think that’s Melva laughing at me in the background, louder than I sang muhaha.

 photo 0232_zpsuyabjjrl.jpg

Wow, I looked so happy here!

 photo 0238_zpsnscy97lr.jpg

Yea, sang some more and swayed my butt. I wanted to try twerking but forget it cos I’m worried my thighs will be shaking my colleagues off the stage instead.

 photo 0252_zpspojlonyt.jpg

On-stage mutual interaction unlocked! I can so do this baby!

 photo 0461_zpsqfmz2toa.jpg

We had lion dance troupe to perform too! LED one some more! We all like sua-ku.

So honored that 2 of my blogger friends, Deenise & Juliet sang everyone 2 songs each. It was so damn nice! Much much much nicer than I sang CNY songs lol.

 photo 0901_zpsroy7ogi5.jpg

 photo 0943_zpsnea0mfyj.jpg

 photo 0720_zpsiluoarew.jpg

Then my bff took part in the “Best Dressed Contest“. Before she went on stage, she told me “I fucking hate you.

She went up, striked some sexy poses, took off her jacket and created some ruckus hehe. I knew it that she fucking loves me but just refused to admit so.

 photo 0756_zpsqomc9e07.jpg

Karen tio conned by me to participate too. I’m sorry babe, I didn’t tell you that there was requirements.

 photo 1032_zpso0fm9ech.jpg

See, after some dancing, my bff won FIRST PRIZE in the lucky draw! Your sacrifice was rewarded!

 photo 0025_zpsnmxphjjd.jpg

My red chinese dance fan for the starting performance definitely changed the whole perspective of this photo. 😜

 photo 0064_zpshyngqzec.jpg

With lovely Ena, Rena, Juliet & Keith.

Was so busy & didn’t manage to take photos with the rest! 😐

 photo 0041_zpsgclcld2f.jpg photo 0022_zpszwifoqld.jpg

 photo 1267_zpszwhkk7un.jpg

End of the night team pic. Pardon my slippers!


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