A Cheena Who Doesn’t Like CNY

I am not a festival-celebrator even though I can be considered quite a cheena person. As such, my Chinese New Years are spent almost just like any other day. When I was very much younger, my parents would bring me and my younger sister to a few places to visit relatives and collect angbaos haha. Of course, we were brought up not to open any red packets in front of people, nor complain about the sum content. As years passed, the older relatives were no longer around.

For the last 20 years, it has always been just 1 location to go to – my grandma’s. My 3 uncles live with her since they are unmarried. This is a place where we children and grandchildren love visiting, even every other weekend. We regularly had intimate dinner gatherings where we just eat and slack in front of the TV. Jesz has also been included for 2 years and hopefully counting. lol

So even though I am not a CNY-enthusiast, I love my CNY break because that’s when I have a couple of days available to spend more time with my family, love ones and good friends!



In my very comical bedroom.


The sister who can’t or didn’t want to do her own makeup every CNY.


As well as her hair.


I did my own express “gelish” nails the night before CNY day 1!

I wrote about the polish here.


Dad sacrificed his car for us ladies and drove his lorry to Grandma’s instead.


Mom sat at the back with me because my youngest sister has much longer legs than us and she was in a 5-inch tall wedge/boots.


25 years ago vs now. We didn’t seem to grow much in height.


2 steamboat this year! Because the sis doesn’t take pork.


Went downstairs to take a short walk with the youngest sis and Jesz. I love playgrounds!


So the sis told us that she was gonna take some nice posey photos for us.

Damn. We just couldn’t.


Day 2 OOTD!


To bestie’s place!


And my bestie thinks I’m very short, Thanks haha.

Abrupt post is ending abruptly because need to chiong other stuff! Be back with other photos from other days! Muacks!


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