I lost 1.5kg in a week!

Wow! I can’t believe I lost 1.5kg from eating this!

Initially I was worried if I lost my muscle mass due to lesser workout the last few weeks (cos of work), but after wearing some tighter shorts, I think I am doing just good!

Since last year July onwards, I went from 43kg to 47kg, from doing strength training and building some muscles mass because my weight wasn’t quite enough for my build but yet I was all flabby and slushy whatever you name it. At 47kg, I think I look leaner than I did before. And I swear I do have 6-pack, but my fats are over-protective so they always gotta shield my 6-pack. Hehe.

I decided I can be leaner with less body fats so I changed my diet early this year! Now, I’m 45.5kg.

This weight was reflected over the weekend when I replaced Overnight Oats for my breakfast for 4 days a week, and Oat porridge over 1 weekend dinner. I went to the loo more often, so I assume that I lost the weight because of this. Maybe the 1.5kg didn’t just happen in a week, but a month of healthy eating instead. I welcome it even though the figure doesn’t really matter to me as long as I am not flabby.

Early this week, I made a new flavor!


Ever since the last batch, I have fallen in love with grapes in the oats! It’s sweet and crunchy!

Ingredients I used for Banana & Grapes Oats

  1. Rolled Oats
  2. Plain Yogurt
  3. Banana milk
  4. Chia seeds
  5. Honey
  6. Seedless Grapes
  7. Banana
  8. Granola (Top when ready to serve) –> not in this picture cos I totally forgot about it haha


You can read my first post with more details on how to make:


Mom loves this flavor:


Overnight Oats as dessert!


No doubt the cost to prepare these yummy, healthy & quick-to-prepare meals ain’t too cheap, but nothing is as expensive as the health! These overnight oats are packed with anti-oxidants & fibre and also help in water retention and weight loss.

Of course, a healthy lifestyle is NOT just about eating clean/little but also includes an appropriate amount of cardio + other workouts! For me, I do not just do cardio in the form of jogging because I’m scared my face will sag. Without muscle mass, I probably will look old and dry! So even out the workouts, be healthy, be happy! 😉


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