How I Reuse Paris Baguette Royal Pudding Bottles

Do you also love the puddings from Paris Baguette? My sister’s infatuation sometimes leads to a dozen of it in our fridge! It’s not exactly cheap, and everytime we finish a bottle, Mom or the helper washes it and keep for other uses.

I wanna share with you 2 ways I reuse these bottles!

Oatmeal dessert


I’ve been making my own overnight oats for quick breakfasts and the pudding bottles come in handy for me to store extra portions as teabreaks or snacks!

The portion is perfect for me when I am craving for some food but do not want to overeat in case I feel too full for my next meal. Just remember to keep the spoons too! Unless you have something small and long too. ;-p


Storing Snacks

The bottle is great when I wanna bring some other snacks like nuts or granola to work! Mom uses it for her plums and sweets!


Re-use or recycle! Let’s all spare a thought for the environment. Cheers!


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