Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

I dislike painting my nails these days because it takes far too much time from start to the end until it dries off COMPLETELY, yet I try not to do gelish too often because of the UV light and since I need my nails to strum on my ukulele, I reckon it’s not worth investing all the time just to prettify my nails on the expense of my neck and back if we are looking at DIY. It was a different case when I had a nail sponsor back then though!

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Miracle Gel™

  • 2X Volume & Shine!
  • 2 Steps
  • Up to 14 Days of Color & Shine
  • Easy Removal
  • No light needed

I noticed the launch of Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel and since sis bought 2 (#NotPaid, #NotSponsored), I might as well try it out! She didn’t buy the top coat, so I went without top coat at all. Not even the normal one because I was thinking if the miracle gel really dries that fast, then the normal top coat most likely will affect that process.


430 Crème de la Crème
To be honest, I suck at applying this color. 3 layers before I get a more even and acceptable looking from far paint. This color is a little too thin and watery if applying very thin layer. Layer up slowly (leave a few mins in between layers) and carefully without exerting pressure on the nail bed.



330 Redgy
This color on the other hand, went on like a breeze! 2 layers are all I need and it is still pretty impact even without any top coat for a week!
It’s very affordable and extremely quick to use.
Take a look at all the colors here or check them out at Watsons, Guardian, John Little or BHG!

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