I Love the Nature! Our First Cycle in 2 Years!

Quote Jesz: I am super “siao onz” (extremely enthusiastic) when it comes to activities like this. I can wake up early or take a day off just to go swim or cycle or play my ukulele etc. If only my job makes me so excited! ;-p

Come to think of it… WHY YOU MADE ME WAIT FOR 2 YEARS before it finally happened?!


So happy when the girl willingly took a bus with me and walked quite a distance to East Coast Park. While in the underpass, I was unable to contain my excitement anymore!


WOOHOO!! I am… going…. CYCLING!


One act-sian face but actually can’t wait to dash up the flight of stairs to the park!


Promo was a rent 1 hour free 1 hour. Of course I need to rent the lowest-possible bike. Add one basket for the barang lol.


We love this cycle on a Friday afternoon cos there aren’t many people! Really can cycle properly without inconsiderate people blocking the pathways too.



Blue blue sky and the green green sea!

I was surprised that as compared to years ago, East Coast Park has become much cleaner… Certain part of the sea were an awesome blue hue!


As I peddled, I breathed in the air, feel the wind on my face, take in the rainforest-kinda view… and I was immediately very thankful to be able to experience the nature and get away from work and the city!


Me: “I wanna do this again next week!”

Jesz: “hmmm” *gives a miserable look and rant about how her muscles were already starting to ache*

She even blew her mini harmonica by the beach to see if there’s any donations for the cabfare home lol. (kidding~) See the video here.


And she got truly joyous when we met our dear friend at the East Coast Lagoon Food Village… because the motives for this cycle trip:

  1. to shut me up from pestering her for the 2-hour cycling
  2. eat all the nice food

Have I told you how realistic my girl is? LOL.


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