Vietnam White Mask for Blackhead and Whitehead Remover

I stumbled upon this video shared on Facebook last year about this fluid mask that promises great results in removing black/whiteheads. It’s similar like those pore strips (which I never believe in using) but with a creamy substance as the medium.

Since I’ve been doing WAY LESSER beauty posts as compared to 2-3 years ago, I decided to get it and try it out before I share it with you, that’s if all of you haven’t already seen or used it. Lazada sells one tiny bottle for $20. I got mine 3 for $9.90 on qoo10 here.

strawberry nose

Sure or not??

This product claims to be the BEST SELLER in Vietnam & Thailand.
Made from extracts of Aloe Vera, it is said to be safe and 100% guaranteed original with no harmful substances.
✅ Very effective in getting out blackheads/whiteheads
✅ Get rid of dead skin cells & help to regenerate new skin cells
✅ Tighten & rejuvenate skin
✅ Killing bacteria caused by acne
✅ Cleaning skin of dirt “that clog pores” skin
Direction of Use
Wash your face with warm water before using the product
Spread the product on the concerned area
Place the paper mask over the cream-applied area and press it neatly
Let it dry for 8 to 15 minutes
Pull the paper off slowly
Rinse your face with cold water to clear the cream completely
✅ Apply toner or skin care



What do I think about this product?

Towards their claim of “Made from extracts of Aloe Vera, it is said to be safe and 100% guaranteed original with no harmful substances“, I seriously ain’t so sure about this because no ingredients list is available on the product. It may really contain Aloe Vera, but I have no idea what else is in there.

Smell and Texture

It smells like super glue and feels like super glue. I started imagining what happens if I got the fake product and it’s really made of glue?! HAHA.


Easy but my advice is: standby water or wipes and the paper sheets you need right in front of you because once the gloo-ey substance starts drying up, it will be really sticky and messy.


The mask did lift off my white and blackheads effectively however, I also noticed that the surface of the skin was being “lifted” off as well, causing dryness. I would recommend not to use on extremely thin, dry skin as such skin will be worsened since they do not have a healthy skin barrier. Look out for super smooth, line-less and shiny skin as they tend to be weak in the stratum corneum layer. Once this layer is too weak, it will be prone to inflammation. Don’t share the product with anyone else or use it use an applicator/spatula. Moisturize well after use.

As for me, I might restrict myself to using the product only ONCE a month to prevent any skin damage.


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